With Designed music you add beats and pulse to your brand and boost your business!

We create bespoke music services to associate feelings for local and global brands. Boost your sales with solutions designed to stimulate the right feeling in the right place and at the right time. Welcome!

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Music on your terms

Do you represent a store or a major chain? No matter what your needs, we can supply a technical solution
that ´s perfect for your business.


Music design – what´s that?

Music is instantaneous. In the blink of an eye it helps generate a feeling that adds an extra dimension to what we can see and touch. But what is our thought process when we work to create a unique sound experience for your brand?


Cattis Tärnström, Area Retail Manager, Edblad

“Royal Streaming create a feeling based on what we at Edblad stand for and want to convey to our customers. It permeates all our stores and creates an acknowledgment of our concept. Our staff do not have time to create their own music lists, instead we get a channel with designed music that also fits various occasions like Christmas, news releases and events. A great plus is also their professional service. “

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Grand Hôtel


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Lexington Company


We are proud to work with our clients!

We help many of Scandinavia's largest brands with designed music. We are very proud of that. Here are a few examples of brands who play our music everyday.